Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chinese Students Wanting to Attend US Schools

Yesterday, on MSN there was a news special regarding the growing numbers of Chinese students wanting to get into US schools. I work with and have familiarity with international schools, and I serve as a leader for the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN). Given the bad press that US education has received ever since the Reagan administration, I think it interesting that the Chinese would find American schools so desireable. We both know the answer to that, but who is challenging the American political structure about it?

The response of the US public education community to the unjust political onslaught it has experienced over two decades reminds me of a quote by Machiavell about the dangers in being a leader for change, "for those with a vested interest in the current system, not matter how flawed with react with ferocity while those who may benefit from a change in the status quo will respond with such infirmity as to jeopradize the whole cause." Maciavell had that one right!

It is time for the American education community to respond with ferocity and challenge the American public and political structure that democracy will not endure in America without a strong public education system; one that nourishes the creativity and innovative thinking the Chinese are coming here to get.

Best wishes!

Joe Beckford, Superintendent
Aleutian Region School District

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