Thursday, July 21, 2011

Advocacy Individuals and Groups to Promote Privatization of Public Education

by Don Thomas, former Supt. of the Salt Lake City Schools

The powerful who attack public education (and work to starve it) (or privatize it) are active at the federal and state levels. They control many elections.  So that all may know, I have made a list of who they are:

Betsy DeVos
The Koch Brothers
Dick Armey
Teri Adams
Patrick Byrne
The Walton Family                            
Joel Greenberg
Jeffrey Yass
The Obendorf Family 

Fronts for these individuals have been formed across the country:
Children's Education Council
Believe in Louisiana
All Children Matter
Iowa Advocates for Chose in Education
Alliance for School Choice
Parents for School Choice
REACH Alliance Partners for Educational Freedom
BOAST Alliance
Texans for School Choice
American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)  (added by Julie Underwood)
We should all remember the admonitions of a wise Italian sage (Venanzio
Luigi Manna)  "If one wishes to control the destiny of nations, one must first control the education of the young!"

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