Friday, January 7, 2011

Starve Public Education

Top Ten Ways the Right Will Wreck the Recovery

Conservatives have a legislative agenda for 2011 that will hurt your ability to get or keep a job, your neighborhood's ability to recover from the recession and this country's ability to regain its footing in the global economy.
To keep conservatives from enacting policies that will kill a nascent economic recovery, progressives will have to organize against these top 10 economy killers.

Check #9 . Starve Public Education
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1. Repeal of Health-Care Reform
2. Diminish the Federal Government's Ability to Support Job-Creation
3. Slash Federal Infrastructure Spending 
4. Dismantle Medicare (and Give Seniors "Vouchers")
5. Undo Financial Reform, and Let the Predators Run
6. Support Big Oil and Kill Green Jobs
7. Don't Just Cut Government Waste; Cripple Government
8. Amp up the Insecurity in Social Security
9. Starve Public Education
Here is an easy way to keep the rich rich and the less well-off part of the permanent underclass: continue the decades-long conservative-led assault on public education. In just the past month, one report says U.S. children lag behind those in China, Finland, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and New Zealand in educational achievement, and another says one in four youths fail the Army entrance exam.
Our inability to provide a quality education to all of our children is a risk to our national security as well as our economic well-being and competitiveness. Yet many conservatives in Congress want to respond to this national crisis by abolishing the national agency charged with addressing the problem, the Department of Education. That's on top of the continuing push for school privatization and private-school vouchers, the scapegoating of teachers and their unions, and the shifting of funding burdens to states that simply can't handle the load.
10. Don't Ask the Rich to Help Reduce the Deficit; Ask Low-Income Americans Instead

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